GTCDC’s Mission is to preserve, strengthen, and empower our families, households, residents and community by increasing economic development; promoting safe and healthy neighborhoods, providing high-quality and well-maintained affordable housing and encouraging healthy lifestyles.


Communities can be transformed from violent battle zones to peaceful neighborhoods where children can safely play when the residents are equipped and empowered to change their circumstances.

In 1992, Bishop J.W. Macklin, Pastor of Glad Tidings, Church of God in Christ, declared war on drugs, crime and poverty that seized the South Hayward community surrounding his church.

His vision was to turn South Hayward into a model community where families could thrive. Fixed on making a change, he organized Glad Tidings Community Development Corporation (GTCDC) a 501c3 nonprofit corporation to fight on the frontlines to save this community in crisis.

GTCDC started by cleaning up the general area and partnered with the Hayward Police Department, by engaging in community policing programs that was responsible for dramatically decreasing crime in the community.

Once the general environment was changed for the better, GTCDC launched several grassroots campaigns and built strategic alliances with other agencies and organizations to address major issues that impacted the residents including joblessness and lack of education.

For almost two decades, GTCDC has been providing residents with crucial services including workforce development, health, wellness, education, youth services, economic development and affordable housing.

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